Saturday, 30 January 2016

Deewani Mastani!

A performance really close to my heart. This was the first time I took the stage all by myself. 
With simple choreography , the elegance remains in simplicity.
There are many songs on your 'favorites' list  but very few songs you feel connected to, this was one of them for me.
It's all about connecting to the music, synchronizing with the beats and moving with rythm.
And it feels amazing when you are able to express this feeling to audience. 
Dance is the best form of self expression. I am completely myself when I dance.
(okay, I better stick to one topic cause there are infinite things about dance I would like to share
and it's difficult to shut up when you talk about your passion).
So, I was lucky enough to get two opportunities to perform on  this wonderful song.

I revised the choreography and put my own little twist to it before performing second time.

About the make-up controversies

I saw many make-up tutorials for the perfect-mastani-look but did not intend to follow them. 
Instead I tried doing something of my own.

 products - lakme 9 to 5 red lipstick 
                   mac gel eyeliner

Yes I know red lipstick with this look wasn't the perfect match. But being addicted to having bold red lips .
 I just couldn't resist.
I always prefer comfort over looks. And I have never been comfortable with make-up.
Powder,foundation, concealer, blush and contouring are not really my thing. I am the kinda girl who puts on a lip balm or maybe liner and is ready to go!
So make-up has been an all time struggle for me during performances. Why put on so much make-up and try to look someone you are not? Especially on stage, when I say I am completely myself, it means from inside and out. Putting on make-up for enhancing your features is completely different than putting on a mask. 
Finally, on the performance day my almost-no make-up look was disagreed by many yet I sticked to my idea and outcome was much better than I had expected. 
  products - liquid eyeliner by insight
                   lakme eyeconic curling mascara
                   maybelline babylips berry sherbet lip balm

Thursday, 21 January 2016

What really matters?

                  I always see my mom stressing over trivial things like why my clothes are all over the place or about the mess in kitchen and also my dad stressing over unpaid bills or office deadlines
and I think to myself does this really matter? I mean I know discipline is important but sometimes it's okay to let things be out of order.                      
                  Sitting in my favorite cafe` right now , sipping this amazingly cold beverage.Feeling content in the moment . Feeling content in solitude. Thinking about the only question I didn't seem to find an answer for quite awhile now...
                  In the end...what really matters?                                               Is it that car you bought which has cost you a fortune?or that new designer dress? or maybe that college degree you earned ?

                       Often I see people stressing over things which are really not going to matter in the long run.Everyone just follows the crowd. People are always in the rat-race as if life's a competition.Seeing this everyday is upsetting me.
Creating a living for ourselves we often forget to live.
 I see people falling for temptations which would bring temporary happiness .It is because people don't see life from bird's eye view. They fail to see the bigger picture (including me). We hardly think what would give us long-term happiness. That is why we tend to find pleasure in material things rather than in our job, our passion or in our relationships. And we tend to mould these aspects of our life according to the material pleasures we want to seek.