Friday, 29 April 2016

I am more than a girl

I am more than a girl who looks in the mirror at her flawless self and thinks she’s beautiful.
I am that woman who sees her flaws and still feels beautiful.
She knows she’s not perfect and doesn’t have to be.
I am more than a girl who struggles making her winged liner perfect and dresses up like the “red carpet look.”
I am that woman who knows to embrace her body without the need of fancy clothes.
She knows they compliment her body but do not define her.
I am more than a girl who loves to dance all night to loud music.
I am that woman who loves to move her body to the rhythm of the music that takes her into her own little world.
She doesn’t care about perfecting the steps, she just goes with flow of music, feels her body, her emotions without missing a beat.
I am more than a girl you can have a small talk with…
I am that woman who wants to have real deep conversations…
About the stars, the moon, about the meaning of life.
She wants to know your passion, your purpose,
She hates small talks, they are just empty.

I am more than a girl who will choose her friends, her family above everything else.
I am that woman who will sometimes cheat a little bit and choose “herself” first.
She knows the happiness with friends and family
But sometimes, she chooses the peace in solitude.

I am more than a girl whom you can just hurt, apologize and get away with.
I am that woman who for once, will forgive you but will forever leave you with regret.
She doesn’t believe in taking revenge, she wants the peace that forgiveness brings.
I am more than just a girl you can fall in love with,
I am that woman who makes you fall in love with life.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

#1 Choose You

Who do we live for?
Right from a very tender age our parents have dreams for us and for our "bright future".
As teenagers, we start to discover new interests , new hobbies , a new passion. We start to discover ourselves.
But all of that doesn't fit into the plan of our "bright future".
So we just give in to live upto everybody's expectations or
rather we choose to.
           And don't get me wrong here. The best thing in the world you give your parents is a smile on their facing seeing you succeed.We should give all the happiness they deserve for all the sacrifices they have made for us.
        But again.....who do we live for?
As we become a 20-something....getting a job , an apartment , a car , getting married and having kids is what life sums upto. Because this is what everyone ( read :SOCIETY) has been doing.
  Don't get me wrong here too , marriage-apartment-kids is the kinda life many dream of . But does that really work for you? Is that what you really want?
Maybe....or maybe not. We don't even care to think about it cause that is not expected of us , that is not "normal ".
So we just live up to societies' expectations of how our life should be or rather we choose to .
            Amidst all of it you might catch up on your old hobby , your long lost interest or your passion that makes you want an extra hour in a day. You might, for once start living for yourself.
              But among the chaos of life, burden of expectations and noise of other peoples' opinions , we somehow try to fit in . And we end up living for others rather than ourselves. 
     Your whole life revolves around other people (read : SOCIETY)
      Are you willing to change this?
      Just ask this one simple question to yourself : Do I want my life to be about other people or to be about myself?

Saturday, 9 April 2016

I am a mess , I confess.

I am a mess , I confess. And by mess I don't just mean the physical stuff like my messed up closet through which clothes are falling out or the bookshelf or my messed up room. I mean the REAL mess when life gives you lemons. I am a mess mentally and emotionally. This is how my stage is right now. Should I just lock myself up in a room and not see the daylight? Or should I just be on social media all day and not actually meet humans? 
No I don't see a reason why I should be ashamed of this. This is who I am . Yes, I am a mess and I like it! 
I dance in a mess , I work in a mess and I live in a mess. 
(You can't even imagine how messy I am when I write my this one)

  "  Being a mess is a beautiful part in the journey of self      discovery "

                  No matter how much we try to take control of our lives , no matter how much we try to plan everything....things will go wrong and they are supposed to go wrong so you learn to make them right.This is what happens things fall apart and come together and fall apart again. And it's all a mess when you are in this transition. But each time you build yourself up , you grow. 
Each time you let yourself be a mess , you learn to get your sh*t together and come back even stronger.

                   Being a mess is a beautiful part in the journey of self discovery. When we are a mess we are indecisive , we don't know what we should do,we don't know what we want and we certainly don't know how to deal with this huge mess called LIFE. It feels like a maze in which are curious to find our way out.We are curious for answers. 
                    It is this time in our lives that we learn more about ourselves , our desires , our passion. It is this messed up time which makes us realise our  goals and gives us a drive to achieve them all.
                   Trust me , nobody likes to be a mess . Neither do you. But also , nobody has ever grown from stability . When you find yourself stuck and messed up . Don't pity yourself. Be proud of it.
Well , you are doing atleast something out of your life , standing up for something unlike others who blindly follow the crowd.

                   Society pressures us to be "perfect". It wants us to fit in to their definition of " perfect " . When you don't give in , when you are a mess just like me society labels you as " good for nothing" , "failure" , "worthless" . But no ....don't even try to fit in . There's no need to . 

Just embrace the glorious mess that you are and everything will be as perfect as you want .

content writer and editor : Sharvi kadam