Saturday, 9 April 2016

I am a mess , I confess.

I am a mess , I confess. And by mess I don't just mean the physical stuff like my messed up closet through which clothes are falling out or the bookshelf or my messed up room. I mean the REAL mess when life gives you lemons. I am a mess mentally and emotionally. This is how my stage is right now. Should I just lock myself up in a room and not see the daylight? Or should I just be on social media all day and not actually meet humans? 
No I don't see a reason why I should be ashamed of this. This is who I am . Yes, I am a mess and I like it! 
I dance in a mess , I work in a mess and I live in a mess. 
(You can't even imagine how messy I am when I write my this one)

  "  Being a mess is a beautiful part in the journey of self      discovery "

                  No matter how much we try to take control of our lives , no matter how much we try to plan everything....things will go wrong and they are supposed to go wrong so you learn to make them right.This is what happens things fall apart and come together and fall apart again. And it's all a mess when you are in this transition. But each time you build yourself up , you grow. 
Each time you let yourself be a mess , you learn to get your sh*t together and come back even stronger.

                   Being a mess is a beautiful part in the journey of self discovery. When we are a mess we are indecisive , we don't know what we should do,we don't know what we want and we certainly don't know how to deal with this huge mess called LIFE. It feels like a maze in which are curious to find our way out.We are curious for answers. 
                    It is this time in our lives that we learn more about ourselves , our desires , our passion. It is this messed up time which makes us realise our  goals and gives us a drive to achieve them all.
                   Trust me , nobody likes to be a mess . Neither do you. But also , nobody has ever grown from stability . When you find yourself stuck and messed up . Don't pity yourself. Be proud of it.
Well , you are doing atleast something out of your life , standing up for something unlike others who blindly follow the crowd.

                   Society pressures us to be "perfect". It wants us to fit in to their definition of " perfect " . When you don't give in , when you are a mess just like me society labels you as " good for nothing" , "failure" , "worthless" . But no ....don't even try to fit in . There's no need to . 

Just embrace the glorious mess that you are and everything will be as perfect as you want .

content writer and editor : Sharvi kadam

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