Sunday, 24 April 2016

#1 Choose You

Who do we live for?
Right from a very tender age our parents have dreams for us and for our "bright future".
As teenagers, we start to discover new interests , new hobbies , a new passion. We start to discover ourselves.
But all of that doesn't fit into the plan of our "bright future".
So we just give in to live upto everybody's expectations or
rather we choose to.
           And don't get me wrong here. The best thing in the world you give your parents is a smile on their facing seeing you succeed.We should give all the happiness they deserve for all the sacrifices they have made for us.
        But again.....who do we live for?
As we become a 20-something....getting a job , an apartment , a car , getting married and having kids is what life sums upto. Because this is what everyone ( read :SOCIETY) has been doing.
  Don't get me wrong here too , marriage-apartment-kids is the kinda life many dream of . But does that really work for you? Is that what you really want?
Maybe....or maybe not. We don't even care to think about it cause that is not expected of us , that is not "normal ".
So we just live up to societies' expectations of how our life should be or rather we choose to .
            Amidst all of it you might catch up on your old hobby , your long lost interest or your passion that makes you want an extra hour in a day. You might, for once start living for yourself.
              But among the chaos of life, burden of expectations and noise of other peoples' opinions , we somehow try to fit in . And we end up living for others rather than ourselves. 
     Your whole life revolves around other people (read : SOCIETY)
      Are you willing to change this?
      Just ask this one simple question to yourself : Do I want my life to be about other people or to be about myself?

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