Thursday, 21 January 2016

What really matters?

                  I always see my mom stressing over trivial things like why my clothes are all over the place or about the mess in kitchen and also my dad stressing over unpaid bills or office deadlines
and I think to myself does this really matter? I mean I know discipline is important but sometimes it's okay to let things be out of order.                      
                  Sitting in my favorite cafe` right now , sipping this amazingly cold beverage.Feeling content in the moment . Feeling content in solitude. Thinking about the only question I didn't seem to find an answer for quite awhile now...
                  In the end...what really matters?                                               Is it that car you bought which has cost you a fortune?or that new designer dress? or maybe that college degree you earned ?

                       Often I see people stressing over things which are really not going to matter in the long run.Everyone just follows the crowd. People are always in the rat-race as if life's a competition.Seeing this everyday is upsetting me.
Creating a living for ourselves we often forget to live.
 I see people falling for temptations which would bring temporary happiness .It is because people don't see life from bird's eye view. They fail to see the bigger picture (including me). We hardly think what would give us long-term happiness. That is why we tend to find pleasure in material things rather than in our job, our passion or in our relationships. And we tend to mould these aspects of our life according to the material pleasures we want to seek.

                  Like , someone who is offered good salary desk job but is truly interested in becoming an artist would rather accept the job offer because it provides a stable income. It is a safer option, an easy way out of the situation. But ask this to yourself, what really
matters a high paying unfulfilling job or following your passion and be able to call it your job?

                   Listen to your heart and you'll never feel stuck.
             In the end, what really matters are unforgettable experiences and people you share it with. What really matters
is taking care of people who love you, spending time with your loved ones. What really matters is finding connection with people you share your best memories with.What really matters is feeling alive in the moment. What really matters is finding the purpose of your life and be able to fulfill it. What really matters is finding your passion and be able to follow it.
                 Sometimes even after realising this, even after knowing what to do we tend to postpone our decisions. 
Why delay? Well, because someone says we've got our whole life ahead of us. We often fail to understand how much limited time we have on earth. This is our one and only shot at life so make it count. One and only chance to create the kind of life we've always wanted. It's high time we understand our priorities  and make clear to ourselves about what really matters? 
                     For some people it takes a traumatizing situation like a near-death experience to realise this. This is one inspiring TED talk you must watch!

               When I started concentrating on things that really matter to me and not what other people think should matter. I felt content.
I felt peace from within. I was more satisfied with what I am doing each day.I felt more in control of my own life rather than surrendering to other peoples' opinions about how my life should be.
                The only decision that brought me at this stage of life was                        to live life with no regrets!


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