Sunday, 13 March 2016

An open letter to the ex boyfriend I am still in love with..

  Have you ever loved someone so much that you set them free? Have you  felt in spite of their absence, they still reside in your  heart?
Yes, relationships are a two way street. They are about give and take, about making each other happy. But when you truly love someone just giving them all of you unconditionally is enough, feels enough. Sometimes, you have to love a person without expecting anything in return because you know you will never be able to give the same love to anyone else. Your heart and soul will never accept anyone new.They have been damaged beyond repair.None but that person has the power to rebuild the broken you....but that person has left. That person will never look behind. A person whom you gave everything, wholeheartedly, gave you nothing in return. Nobody is ever going to understand how bad that hurts!

    I lost a part of my soul. My soul has been teared apart.
    I trusted you with a part of my soul, I put a part of me in you.
    But you went and stabbed it with a basilisk fang...
    My soul put up a fight, it didn't want to say goodbye.
    But you stabbed harder, it screamed in agony.
    It was totally destroyed, it begged for mercy.
    But you ignored it's pleas for forgiveness, you stabbed it harder       with the fang. 
    It no longer resisted the stabs. 
    Slowly, it let go, it let the pain sink in.
    You continued stabbing it till it was gone.
    And that's how I lost a part of my soul.
    You have killed something inside me. 
    I feel an empty space in the chest.
    I never knew you had the power to do something so brutal.
    In spite of all the cuts and bruises , my heart still yearns for you.
    With all the wounds and tears , I still love you.
    I never thought "forever " was supposed to end so soon.
    You broke all your promises , you destroyed them all.
    but I shall keep them safe , safe inside my heart.

   I miss you every freaking second of the day.
   Your hands , your touch....I still feel them.
   I feel the gentle brush of your lips against mine.
   The taste of your kiss still lingers in my mouth.
   I still feel the warmth of your hugs , the comfort in your arms.

Our love.
The love which was never to be lost.
The love which gave everyone hope.
The love which had faced a lot.
The love which overcame every obstacle.
The love which grew stronger with time.
The love which was so pure.
But soon it became the love  which left everyone in pain.
Never to be  heard of....never to be spoken of.
The love which shattered everyone.
The love which never gave a chance for justifications.
The love that felt like a perfect dream , turned into a terrible nightmare.
I never dreamt of this but we all are living in a dark space.

I have shown the world and you... how strong I am.
I can just try to pretend as if everything's fine , put up a fake smile,
take a deep breath and laugh at all the little things in life.
But every moment without you still kills me.
who can I tell this?
I've been dying every second . It's giving me a slow death.
But how does that concern you.
Nobody cares.
You don't. 
Do you?

Do you still remember me? Do you still cry sometimes?
Do you still regret those memories?
Or do you still wish I was there besides you , with you , for you, in your arms?

Do you still feel my presence?
Do you still remember the taste of my love?

Do you still remember the way you looked at me with those loving eyes?
Do you still remember the times when my smile was your world?

Do you still remember our long talks which would go on for hours?
Do you still remember the small promises which was supposed to last forever?
Do you still remember us?

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe I overthink and you dont' think that much.
Maybe you'll think later and I'll just stop thinking.
Maybe you'll come back and I'll walk away.
Maybe you'll never love again , maybe I'll do the same.
Maybe you'll cry , maybe I'll die in silent pain.
Maybe I'll regret thou I'll try had to forget.
Maybe we'll come together or maybe we'll walk away.
Maybe our life will be perfect or maybe we'll learn to live it in an imperfect way.



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