Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Are you afraid of the dark?

Walking at night  , at a strange place where the only light that guides my path is the moon's , the only voices I hear is from the distant woods.Each time I step my foot forward I am afraid to look back.There is no light , It's the darkness that I am following.I don't trust my own senses cause now I am imagining unreal things. You see? Darkness is so powerful . It takes us away from the reality, makes us hallucinate. Yet I say it's not that scary at all!

I don't understand why darkness is always associated with negativity.If you ask me , I have always liked dark places .They a story of their own . So intense , it sends chills through our body. The quietness in such places is fulfilling. Really.....what are we scared of? 
Our reactions to unfamiliar situations depend on our unconscious mind .What we think , we are. 
Our fears are in our brains , they are not real . 
It's the fear sometimes that overrules your mind. 
Fear of what? 
Of darkness.
Fear of the unknown .

Everyone is dealing with their own demons , fighting their own battles. When we are at a dark place in our life.
When everything has destroyed us. We feel lost and afraid. Afraid of life's challenges. Afraid of failure. Afraid of the dark side life has shown us.
 All we try to do is run away from it. Not once do we think of facing it. Facing the darkness. Looking at the demon, in the eye.Facing our fear but forgetting what it is to be afraid even though your heart in trembling. 

It not the darkness that scares you , it's the thought of facing it that scares the most.

The time when you decide to face the demon in you , the moment you face your own fears , you become invincible.  darkness becomes a ray of hope. We just have to embrace the darkness. After all , it's not that scary at all!

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