Friday, 22 July 2016


Misfit. Is who she is. She doesn't belong to anywhere or anyone.She possesses none.
People and places are just superficial. They are not real.Like a visual trap. What's real is the connection. Connection that brings a sense of belongingness , a homely feel to her.
But she, with a heart so tender...can even find this feeling with a man she just met, who makes her feel so comfortable and protected...she cares about nothing else in the world.
All she has is this one moment. One beautiful moment when everything falls into place. This is not love neither lust it's pure connection between a man and a woman.It doesn't matter if they only have this one moment or spend their rest of the lives together. They are connected now and always will be. She thought she doesn't belong to anywhere or anyone . but now she knows she's exactly where she needs to be. In the moment.

She gets it when she's 'home'. it could be with a strange man or at a strange land. a place She has never been before makes her feel right at home. How strange is that? It was as if the cold breeze , the mysterious salty air , the sand have been waiting for her. As she steps her barefoot in the sand she fulfills this nature's calling. Step by step she leaves her print behind to remember her by. It's not the beauty of the place that impresses her it's the connection she feels here.
So intense , so liberating. Her body is reacting now . She feels the tears about to roll down her cheeks. But she is happy...she is smiling. What kind of happiness is this? That makes her cry her heart out. I told you the cold breeze , the mysterious salty air , the sand all have been waiting for her to fill this empty space in her heart....which was yearning for a deep connection ever since. She cannot be more thankful for what this strange land has given her.

Being a misfit , she is happy.She finds home anywhere and everywhere. Not one place or person defines her belongingness.

After all , beauty is wherever we see it.

PS : imagine a beautiful picture here with the sand and sea waves and the foam of salty water.
sorry too lazy to find one!

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