Monday, 1 August 2016


She was made of darkness and light , a paradox in her own . Her light enough to show her own tribe. Her darkness though was a side of hers she never believed she had . It created her and consumed her.Like a demon and an angel resting in one soul. Angel is the well wisher she thought . But the dark side of life makes her trust the demon more. 
     She has been always afraid to face the demon in her. Yet it was her reality was time to accept it. The perception that angels are good and demons are evil started fading  away as she stepped her way into the darkness. It was her mind playing games with her she realised. It's not what you look at that matters , it's what you see.  There is no good and evil's our vision , how we decide to perceive it . Learning to embrace the darkness took more courage than clinging on to the light .
        She may not be the same person now , the one made with darkness and light. Her energies are synchronised.  The light and darkness are no longer two different aspects. The synergies of the two gave her a feeling of euphoria. 

She was made of darklight , a paradox in her own .

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