Friday, 23 September 2016

Hold me.

No, I don't want you to say " It's going to be okay."
I want you to hold me , stay with me until it 'gets okay'.
I want you through the rain and storm
Through the thunder and darkness
When my soul cringes to believe in faith
When it ceases to believe in me
I want you to look me in the eyes
Let me see my own reflection in you.
See me in you.
One who has no doubts and fears
One who is so fierce
To have loved a soul like you.
No, I don't want you to say " I will always be there".
I want you to caress my hair , kiss me on the forhead .
Say no words
Just hold me tight
Hold me until your 'always ' becomes

When my hands shiver,
When my legs have lost all their strength,
When my body has just given up on me.
No, I don't just want you to say " I will grow old with you".
I want you to 'grow' old with me.
To grab me by the waist and kiss me
Like your lips touched mine never before.

When my soul is tired of living
Surviving .
Merely existing.
With that bent spine and wrinkled shaky hand of yours.
I want you to embrace me in your warmth.
Say no words
Just hold me tight.
Hold me until I feel this world is a better place for us to thrive.

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