Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Can you escape?

Few live in reality , few create reality and all others are just escaping reality.
If at all, reality exists .
What's real to you might not be real to me.
Yet each of us is trying to find an escape to something which is not even real. 

Anything which takes us to our own world is an escape, giving a feeling of euphoria , leaving us wanting more.

Each one has own way to escape , dance , reading , solitude , isolation, sex , drugs , cigarettes, travel..

It gives pleasure , some say. It's easy and quick ,others say. But how lasting is it?
And what kind of a pleasure is this which makes us feel detached,disconnected or just shut down as soon as we are back to reality - our version of reality.

We think we need to escape from reality but what if reality itself is an 'escape'?

If it is ...then escaping is actually possible.
If escape is happening then ,
what are we escaping from? 
And what are we escaping into?

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