Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Reflected reflections

 Our soul is our essence , our mark of existence.
Our body though is just a physical depiction, an image ...quite blurred in justifying our existence.
And we as whole, are a reflection of our souls.
But what if even our souls had a reflection?
Not the 'soulmates' ,'better halves' ( hardly ever believed in it) but I mean our soul reflection.

One which has been bruised and wounded, same places as yours.
One which is healing with equivalent pace as yours , in the same direction with the same ideologies.

A soul which feels as intensely as yours, which yearns for similar path of liberation,has a vision just like yours.

If there is a reflection of our physical body then there must exist a reflection of our souls.

The meet of these souls is destined. Sometimes by fate , sometimes by us.
When we feel we are the only ones doing this ( insert an offbeat path/decision) or feeling this. When all our energy is sucked up by the other negative energies...this is the new energy to thrive upon.

It's okay to have not figured out or pointed out your reflection. But remember it's your reflection ,it has always been there and will always be there. 

It's an irony how much we value the physical body in comparison to our consciousness , which is rather the cause of existence. 
Sometimes, we are not what we show.
What for? (You supposedly know)
Where do we end up ? Disappointed , dissatisfied with life and among energies we don't resemble.

Try showing the real you. The 'you' behind that stubborn mask. let your energy synchronize in harmony of the souls you belong with. 

Let your soul reflect.
And let your reflected reflection 'reflect' the real you.

Content writer: Sharvi kadam  

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